Private Training


Doggie behavior problems can range from simple etiquette breaches to more serious issues such as excessive barking, shyness, separation anxiety and aggression. We specialize in setting up customized training programs based on each dog and owners’ specific needs and life-style, offering effective solutions geared towards the busy and hectic New York life.



Give your puppy a warm and well-planned welcome into your life. We will design a complete personalized program that includes all aspects of puppy rearing such as housetraining, socialization and puppy-proofing your home.

Common puppy behaviors including destructive chewing, jumping and excessive barking can be prevented from turning into full-blown behavioral problems if nipped in the bud. This program will help identify those crucial moments and give you the tools to swiftly and effectively help your puppy learn self-control and appropriate behavior. Beginner obedience exercises and the art of human-canine communication will also be introduced in this program: Learn how to communicate with your puppy in a way he understands and how to correctly read what your puppy is trying to say.

Tutor My Pup 

Need more hands-on help on leash walking outside, or improving commands and cues indoors?  Intensive trainer-dog sessions that help bring training to the next level, while you're at work!



Initial consultation (100 minutes):  $190 

Followup session (70 minutes):  $130 

Package of an initial and followup session: $300 ($20 savings)

Package of three followup sessions: $360 Dollars ($30 savings) 

Tutor my pup (45 min) : 95 Dollars