• Jenene and Josh, Brooklyn

    "Walking Sammy was like walking a vaccum cleaner on the streets of New York. I had to pry nasty chicken bones and other garbage out of his mouth all the time. Sari helped him change his ways and become a real gentleman! She also really helped us with other on-leash problems like lunging and barking at other dogs. She's a great coach for both humans and dogs!"
  • Carolin, Brooklyn

    Thank you so much for a wonderful puppy kindergarten! You were incredibly helpful, answering all of my (many) questions. It was the perfect combination of practical advice for me and structured playtime for Hugo."
  • Gina, Manhattan

    "Sari helped us solve Mr. E’s “accident” problems once and for all! (The most embarassing was when he peed in front of a client…) Together we made a training plan that met our schedule and life-style requirements and since then Mr. E as been doing great. Housetraining, proper leash walking and a few other tools have turned our lives around completely, and for the better."
  • Martha, Brooklyn

    "I want to thank you so much for helping me with Jeff. He's a very sweet dog but had so much rambunctious energy. After incorporating all the things you showed me he now listens to me so much more, but without losing any of his happy positive energy. We're doing great and I am sincerely grateful."
  • Aaron, Brooklyn

    "Rita is adorable but is a very finicky and feisty dog when it comes to interacting with people. Sari worked really well with her and provided fun things that I could do to get her to be more social. Sari was very hands on and did an amazing job of providing concrete examples to explain potential behavior traps and how to steer them in a positive direction. It was as much an education for Rita as it was for me. Just great."
  • Andy and Daniel, Brooklyn

    We adopted Pamuk from a no-kill Shelter upstate, that rescues dogs from all over the world; Pamuk came all the way from Istanbul! While Pamuk was loving and gentle with us he was unpredictable with strangers and other dogs on the street, and refused to be groomed or inspected by a veterinarian. We also learned from the shelter that Pamuk had some past behavioral issues with a previous family. It was time to find a trainer. On a recommendation from a local pet store, we met with Sari. She spent several hours with us on the phone and in person learning more about Pamuk, and immediately started to provide advice and tips that we could put into practice. Sari was patient and diligent, gentle and loving, and she quickly developed a rapport with Pamuk. She gave us constructive guidance, including daily commands and exercises to implement with Pamuk. Within just a few training sessions, we have noticed big changes in Pumuk's behavior. He now listens to us more attentively and we know how to teach him new commands. He can sit, he can lie down and he behaves well on a leash. More importantly, he has become much more comfortable and relaxed with strangers and dogs. We feel lucky to have found Sari!
  • Emilie and Benjamin, Brooklyn

    Before getting our puppy, we read books and talked to dog-owner friends because we really wanted to train an obedient, happy companion. After getting our puppy, we realized that each dog is unique and we really wanted in-the-moment feedback as we molded his behaviors. We ended up getting so much more from our sessions with Sari than we had ever expected. We benefited from Sari's expertise as she watched us work with our dog. We can now give each other feedback like she did for us and we are walking away with the knowledge and experience to continue developing his training ourselves.